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Ayurveda is the traditional holistic medical system that has been practiced in India for more than 5000 years. Ayurvedic practitioners view the mind and the body as interconnected and seek to heal imbalances, promote vitality and restore good health. Widely practiced in India, Ayurveda is growing in popularity worldwide due to its success in treating illnesses that are difficult to manage using conventional medicine.

Ayurveda treats the root cause of diseases of the mind and body, as well as relieving symptoms. It is very practical and adaptable and works in harmony with everyday life. Ayurveda is prevention-oriented. Its aim is not only to restore health in a diseased person but also to maintain optimal health in a healthy person.

Ayurveda views illness as caused by an imbalance in a person’s physical or mental constitution and therefore seeks to gently bring a person’s body and mind back into a healthy balance.

Ayurvedic treatments combine massage with nutritional and lifestyle advice. Foods, oils and herbs are used to reduce imbalances in the body.

Ayurvedic massage is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the body, and very good for the skin. Warm oil is always applied, and sesame oil is commonly used as this is kind to the skin and nourishing for the bones, joints and internal organs.

Ayurvedic massage takes place without clothing, although only the area to be treated needs to be uncovered. In a whole body massage the entire body is uncovered, and modesty is protected on the bottom half with a small garment (more towels can be used if a client prefers to be more covered during the treatment, although this slightly changes the style of the massage). The whole body is covered with warm oil, and then massage takes place as a continuous flow without contact being broken until the treatment is completed.

This can be adapted and adjusted to suit each person. And please note that the other massage treatments on offer, e.g. Therapeutic Remedial Massage can be with or without towels, depending on the client's preference.

The pressure varies depending on each person's needs, but in general the Ayurvedic massage techniques use a medium pressure. Deep tissue massage is available for those that would like a deeper treatment. Massage strokes follow the energy channels of the body, and warm oil nourishes and draws out impurities. Marma points, the energy points of the body, are used to detoxify and nourish the body on deeper levels, providing greater healing effects. When preparing specific Ayurvedic body treatments, fresh ingredients are always used, and these are locally sourced and organic wherever possible.

Ayurvedic therapy can be used to treat everything from eczema to arthritis, and although a single treatment can be very beneficial, regular treatments are much more effective in reducing or eradicating symptoms.

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