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1 hour £45

An Ayurvedic Consultation is the ideal way to find out if you are in a healthy balance. If there is any imbalance present, you will be given advice which will help you to improve your health, and if there is a specific health problem that you are looking to heal, a treatment plan will be designed for you. Each consultation includes a detailed chat about a wide range of aspects of physical, mental and emotional health, and also includes traditional Ayurvedic pulse and tongue diagnosis techniques.

Recommendations for diet and lifestyle adjustments are given during and after the consultation, as well as advice regarding appropriate treatments.

The consultation process works best as a course of at least three appointments over a period of a few weeks, but one appointment is also possible to give a more general picture of health.

Herbal formulas can be mixed to suit individual requirements, following a consultation. These are always prepared using high potency dried herbs, which are organic wherever possible.

More information about Ayurvedic treatment of illness can be found here.

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