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Ayurvedic Therapy





The time stated is for the length of the treatment itself. All sessions are around 20 minutes longer to allow for preparation before treatment, and relaxation after.

Ayurvedic Whole Body Massage (Abhyanga)

1 hr 30 mins (£65)        ~        2 hours (£80)        ~        2 hours 30 mins (£100)

Deluxe Treatment including Head Massage and Face Massage - 3 hours (£120)

Ayurvedic massage is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the body and mind. Ayurvedic Whole Body Massage helps to regulate the body's functions. It stimulates organs and tissues to prevent disease from occurring in the body and revitalises the system.

Ayurvedic massage is very good for the skin. In Ayurveda the skin as a whole is viewed as an energy centre, and as such it is sensitive and changeable and should be given enough regular nourishment to allow it to function properly.

A whole body massage treatment is a flowing process using warm oil applied to the entire body, and strokes that correspond to the energy channels in the body. Special attention is given to areas of accumulated tension and each treatment is tailored to each person's individual need.

This can be a deep tissue massage or can be a relaxing, light or medium pressure treatment.

More information about Ayurvedic massage can be found here.

Therapeutic Remedial Massage

1 hour (£50)   ~   90 mins (£65)

Therapeutic body massage to release and relieve pain and tension.

This treatment has a specific goal, which is decided before the treatment. This can be to release tension, treat knots in the muscle, or to ease pain.

Warm oil is always used to aid with muscle relaxation.

Treatment can be combined with the Ayurvedic style of massage or can be adapted to suit the individual.

Can be a deep tissue massage or a lighter pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour (£50)   ~   90 mins (£65)

Focusing on the deeper layers of tissue, this massage helps to release chronic muscle tension, relieve muscular pain, and to break up scar tissue.

This is a deep and very effective massage, tailored to each individual's needs.

Treatment can be combined with the Ayurvedic style of massage or can be adapted to suit the individual.

Sports Massage

1 hour (£50)   ~   90 mins (£65)

Sports massage involves evaluation of injured tissues, and then includes a variety of techniques to reduce pain, tension and swelling, and to increase flexibility and range of motion, and improve circulation.

This treatment includes deep tissue massage and stretching techniques and is targeted to treat specific problem areas.

Can aid recovery from injuries involving muscles, tendons, ligaments and bursa.

Ayurvedic Back of the Body Massage (Abhyanga)

1 hour (£50)

Treatment for the whole back of the body, including the legs and feet.

This is equivalent to half of a Whole Body Massage.

Lots of attention given to any areas of accumulated tension.

(Massage for the front of the body is also available, which covers the abdominal area, the arms and the legs only).

Ayurvedic Energy Point Massage (Marma Abhyanga)

2 hours (£80)

Marma points are the energy centres of the body. They are very sensitive places that can be treated therapeutically to heal imbalances and illnesses in the body.

An Ayurvedic Marma Massage is a whole body massage that detoxifies, restructures and rebalances the body's system to function most healthily. This helps to prevent physical disease from occuring. Marma massage strengthens organ systems and tissues, regenerates tissues and releases mental and physical blockages of energy. It strengthens the lymphatic system and is good for the skin, the eyes and vision. Marma massage can be used effectively to treat specific disorders in the body, and regular treatments delay the onset of ageing.

Ayurvedic Back Massage (Pristhabhyanga)

45 mins (£40)   ~   1 hour (£50)

An Ayurvedic back massage is a deeply relaxing, flowing treatment, which smoothly releases tension and eases aches and pains in the back and shoulders. Special attention is given to areas of accumulated tension and the massage can be extended if a longer treatment is required.

Ayurvedic back massage can provide relief from problems with the cervical and sciatic nerve, and is good for any pain and tightness in the lower back, upper back and between the shoulder blades. This treatment is also good for stress, and is a great post-natal therapy which can be carried out from two or three days after giving birth. This massage can be adapted to include a herbal scrub or a herbal pack oil treatment, and can also include treatment of the energy points on the back.

Ayurvedic Foot Massage (Pada Abhyanga)

30 mins (£25)   ~   45 mins (£35)

Ayurvedic Foot Massage is a wonderful treat for tired feet and legs. It also helps to remove toxins from the body and is great for the digestive system. A foot massage helps to remove excess heat that accumulates in the body. This can manifest as headaches and migraines, high blood pressure, or sleeplessness due to feeling hot in the middle of the night.

Ayurvedic foot massage is an excellent stress reliever and also helps with nervousness, anxiety, palpitations and insomnia. It can help to relieve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, digestive ailments such as low appetite, problems with the back, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

As the feet contain energy centres that correspond to the entire body, an Ayurvedic foot massage has a relaxing and balancing effect on the body as a whole. It improves blood circulation, helps to prevent and treat varicose veins and also reduces swelling and soreness in the lower leg region.

Ayurvedic Head Massage/Indian Head Massage (Shirobhyanga)

30 mins (£25)   ~   45 mins (£35)

In Ayurveda, immense importance is given to the head and neck region, as this is where the five sensory functions are located. There are many Ayurvedic treatments for this area of the body.

An Ayurvedic Head Massage is an intensely relaxing and revitalising massage which nourishes both the hair and roots. It improves the blood circulation and lymph flow in the head region and helps in removing blockages of energy. It also stimulates the sensory organs and relaxes the mind and soul.

A head massage directly affects all seven chakras (major energy centres of the body) and helps vital energy to rise up to the crown. It is an excellent stress reliever and is good for headaches and insomnia, as well as easing tension that arises from working on computers. It also helps to reduce aches and pains in the neck, shoulders and arms, and is an effective treatment for eye pain and any heat or inflammation in the head and neck area.

Can be with or without oil.

Note: Indian Head Massage is a slightly different treatment to Ayurvedic Head Massage. I am trained in both, so each treatment is tailored to the person's needs on the day.

Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage (Nahbi Abhyanga)

45 mins (£40)

The Abdominal Massage is one of the most important treatments in Ayurvedic therapy. It has immense benefits for the digestive system, including regulating the organ systems around the abdomen and improving digestive function. It helps to get rid of toxins and produces great health benefits in all areas of the body, including increased energy levels.

An abdominal massage helps to maintain metabolism and is a great way to lose weight. It is also a wonderful post-natal treatment. Regular treatments can provide gentle and permanent weight loss. This treatment is good for people with excess cholesterol, an underactive thyroid, bowel ailments, and cists and fibroids. It is also good for the skin and can help to heal eczema and psoriasis.

Ayurvedic Facelift Massage (Mukhabhyanga)

30 mins (£25)   ~   45 mins (£35)

A traditional Ayurvedic face-lift massage is a gentle way to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, activating the skin's natural metabolism, to improve muscle tone, lymph drainage, and the skin's capacity to retain moisture. This massage is a great way to keep wrinkles at bay as it promotes the regeneration of healthy, younger-looking skin. After a face-lift massage the skin is glowing, soft and smooth.

A face-lift massage is good for stress and tension, promotes clear thinking and restful sleep, and nourishes the sensory organs. The energy points (marma points) of the head and neck can also be massaged, this is especially good for anti-ageing.

The face massage requires the neck and shoulders to be uncovered.

Ayurvedic Hand Massage (Hasta Abhyanga)

30 mins (£25)   ~   45 mins (£35)

An Ayurvedic Hand Massage is wonderful to relieve any feelings of tension, anxiety and nervousness. It is very good for the respiratory system and is an effective treatment for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory ailments.

The hand massage can also help insomnia, palpitations, low blood pressure and dizziness, any stress or tension in the hands and arms themselves, and disorders such as carpel tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries and Raynaud's disease.

Ayurvedic Herbal Scrub Massage (Udvartana)

1 hour (£55)

Udvartana scrub massage is a wonderfully invigorating, exfoliating and cleansing treatment that results in soft, glowing skin with greater capacity to retain moisture.

A herbal powder is applied to the body with warm oil before a relaxing whole body massage.

This massage detoxifies the system and has great health benefits, including improved concentration and clarity of mind, relief from cholesterol related conditions and skin ailments, and greater energy levels in general.

Herbal scrub massage is also excellent for cellulite and weight loss, is a great post-natal treatment, and is a traditional massage given to a bride and groom on their wedding day.

Herbal scrub can be added to any of the other Ayurvedic massages, for a deeper cleansing effect on the body. Highly recommended for its refreshing and revitalising effect.

 Add a herbal scrub to any other Ayurvedic Massage - from £3


Ayurvedic Panchakarma Detox

£100 per day

Ayurvedic detox, cleansing procedure, in your home. Details vary depending on length of treatment program. Can be 7 days, 10 days, 14 days in length, or adjusted to suit preferences and requirements.

Panchakarma includes intial basic detox advice (followed by client prior to treatment), daily consultation, daily massage, purgation (drinking of oils to cleanse stomach and small intestine), nasya (cleansing of nasal passage and sinuses), specific herbs, all daily meals provided, diet and lifestyle advice.

I will be present each day with you, to supervise and support you through your Panchakarma program, as well as administering daily treatments and giving advice. I can either arrive in the morning and leave at the end of each day, or stay with you in your home.

Price discounts are available depending on the length of the program.

Additional Treatments
(Available by special appointment following Consultation)

Ayurvedic Herbal Pack Massage (Pinda Sveda)

1 hour (£65)

The herbal pack massage is a hot oil therapy that stimulates sweating. It is carried out with a muslin pack containing herbs, spices and appropriate foods for the person's constitution.

A herbal pack massage is very good for weight loss, cholesterol, underactive thyroid, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, anaemia, low blood pressure, respiratory ailments, indigestion and hyperactivity conditions in children.

This treatment is also good for the muscles, bones, skeletal and nervous system and can help immensely with joint stiffness and back problems. It improves circulation, and is good for nerve related disorders, Parkinsons and Raynaud's disease.

The herbal pack massage can help with inflammation on the body, ulcers, excessive sweating, overheating, and is good for multiple sclerosis.

Can be used to treat infertility.

Basti Therapy – Warm oil treatments for specific areas of the body

Basti therapy uses fresh dough to make a well on the body, into which warm oil is poured. It is a very soothing treatment and greatly eases aches, pains and discomfort in specific areas.

Treatment for the Back (Kati Basti)

1 hour (£60)

Kati Basti, the oil treatment for the back is very good for back ache, especially in the lower back. It can also help to heal problems with the sciatic nerve, slipped disks, other nerve-related conditions, numbness and paralysis.

Kati Basti is good for constipation, IBS and digestive problems, and is often included as part of post-natal therapy.

Treatment for the Neck and Upper Back(Greeva Basti)

1 hour (£60)

Greeva Basti is the oil treatment for the neck and upper back. This treatment relieves aches and pains in the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. It helps to release blocked energy from between the shoulder blades and is good for any problems with the arms.

Greeva Basti also helps get rid of recurrent headaches, relieves stress, and is good for the cervical nerve.

Treatment for the chest/heart (Hridaya Basti)

1 hour (£60)

This treatment is good for heart related conditions, low blood pressure, palpitations, nervousness and relieves symptoms of stress.

Hridaya basti also helps any respiratory ailments, asthma, and all kinds of allergies. It reduces restlessness, and is good for chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

Basti treatments can be applied to most areas of the body, and can also be used to relieve the discomfort of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, and repetitive strain injuries.

Ayurvedic Eye Treatment (Akshi Tarpana)

1 hour (£50)

This treatment involves using organic ghee to bathe the eye. It improves eyesight and brings stillness and clarity to the mind. The brain is also nourished, along with the spinal cord, nerves and cerebro spinal fluid.

Ayurvedic eye treatment is good for any ailments of the eyes, including glaucoma, ulcerated cornea and excess secretions. It helps with stiffness, pain or roughness around the eyes and reduces dark circles. This treatment is also very good for people that work on computers, and helps to relieve stress.

The treatment is most effective when carried out as a course of several treatment sessions.

Ayurvedic eye treatment can help with chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

Ayurvedic Ear Treatment (Karna Purana)

1 hour (£50)

This soothing treatment involves treating ailments by the route of the ears. Warm oil, often medicated, is poured into the ears.

Ayurvedic ear treatment is very good for any ailment relating to the ears, including deafness and tinnitus. It also helps with balance problems and vertigo, headaches, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and palpitations. Neck and jaw discomfort is eased by this treatment, together with facial paralysis, dry skin and any other dryness in the body.

Ayurvedic ear treatment can help with hair loss.

Nasal Cleansing Treatment (Nasya)

1 hour (£50)

Warm drops of oil are poured into the nostrils to cleanse and get rid of any imbalances and illnesses in the throat, nose, sinuses, head and neck regions.

Nasal cleanse is good for congestion, sinusitis, headaches, earaches and migraines. It can also help with hayfever, asthma, colds/flu and the loss of any sensory function.

Also good for gum diseases, premature wrinkling of the skin, paralysis and tinnitus.

Detailed Ayurvedic Health Consultations available on request

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