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One-to-one Yoga

1 hr 30 mins (£40)

discount for a course of sessions, or book as a group to split the cost with your friends

Develop your own yoga practice based on classical Hatha yoga techniques.

Tailor made sessions to suit your needs. For example, for general wellbeing, fitness, flexibility, strength building, relaxation, or for stress relief. Yoga works wonderfully in conjunction with an Ayurvedic healing program

I completed my 200 hours yoga teaching diploma over two years and recently completed my 500 hours diploma with Sheila Coombes (The Friends of Yoga). Studying yoga in this way has allowed to me to immerse myself in the classical theory of yoga, as well as learning how to adapt a yoga practice for different body types.

Anyone can do yoga, regardless of shape or size. There is a common misconception that to do yoga, you should be incredibly flexible, but the truth is that anyone can find the right yoga to suit their body.

I frequently work with people who have tight hips and hamstrings, back problems and weak muscles. We work together to develop the areas that you want to focus on the most, and each session moves at pace that feels right for you.

Yoga encompasses physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. In fact, everything in life can be viewed as yoga, not just physical movements, although stretching and movement to increase flexibiity is an important part of a well rounded yoga practice.

The benefits of Yoga enrich all areas of life.

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